Hi! I am Andrew -Professional Photographer

Capturing natural beauty is the forte behind Photography by Andez,
located in the heart of Melbourne.

 With our state of the art equipment, not only do we simulate the elegance of a classical wedding, to the precious moments of a new born baby, or even the adrenalin of a live performance, but at Photography by Andez, we achieve the results you want to the highest standards.

 With imagery playing such an important part of so many events, we
decided to use our expertise to enable our clients the flexibility of tailoring each package, to fit their exact requirements so that our candid, yet timeless images are a true representation of each occasion.

We have built up an outstanding reputation over the years for providing
professionalism quality, reliability and excellent customer service.
—Photography by Andez

The caliber of our work together with value for money gives us the cutting
edge to be in high demand all year round, making us your 1st choice
photographer in Melbourne.